Fanfara bersaglieri

The “Fanfare dei Bersaglieri” are special messengers of our civil context; among these musical ambassadors the “Tramonti-Crosta” of Lonate Pozzolo surely deserve a place. Their foundation dates back to the end of 1966, although their official debut took place in spring 1967 during the National Meeting in Ravenna. The early years witnessed successive stages such as opening into the associative field, the need to become known, the setting up and success, and finally the achievement of an international platform. This occurred in 1977, at the fiftieth anniversary of the San Bernardino Tunnel and in 1978 in Geneva with the “Twirling European Cup”. Subsequently, the main victories were in Locarno and Porrentruy in Switzerland – Annemasse, Nice, Thonon, Vichy, Annecy, St. Amand-Montrond and Lens in France – Hannover and Stuttgart in Germany. In 1985, during the Italian days at the Tsukuba World Expo, near Tokyo, there was the debut on the intercontinental scene with a week of concerts and performances that aroused interest and appreciation among the children of the Rising Sun. In 1986 Columbus Day was celebrated in New York with a parade along Fifth Avenue, with the warmest welcome of the Italian community in Brooklyn , Little Italy, Yonkers, Westchester and New Rochelle. In 1988, there was a welcome return to the U.S.A. for the three hundredth anniversary of the foundation of New Rochelle which included a visit to the West Point academy and then to San Rafael in California, for the twinning ceremony with Lonate Pozzolo and the Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco. Then, alongside their appearance in the Sunday programs of Antenna 2 Paris, they also took part in other events in Neuchatel (Switzerland) – Lilla, Aix – En Provence, Douai, Thonon, Lens, Nice and Mandelieu (France). In October 1992, they participated in concerts and parades in New Rochelle (N.Y.), Santa Clara in California and Reno in Nevada, for the “Colombiadi” event to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America. In the following years, the globetrotter Fanfare participates to International Military Tattoo: Heerlen (NL) – St. Etienne ,Nizza e Dunkerque, Albertville, Saint-Quentin (F) – Vaduz (FL) – San Pietroburgo (RUS) – La Valletta (M) – Città del Lussemburgo (L) – Willisau (CH) – Ellwangen, Iserlohn. (D) – Ystad (SE) –  Liege (B) – Birmingham (U.K.)  .   The group from Lonate Pozzolo has been captained for 45 years by M°Carlo Cortellezzi whose passion and musical attitude have been recently inherited by the young and skifull Bersagliere Davide Roncolato. Now the Lonatese musical ensemble is directed by the  Teacher Bersagliere fanfare leader Tiziano Giaretta.From the beginning the Lonate has participated in all National Meetings and major events with parades, tournaments and concerts. Worthy of remembrance are the three recordings with excerpts from tradition bersagliesca and masterpieces of classical and modern music, but the distinguishing characteristic of each of the Bersaglieri fanfare and that makes them unique in the world is the ability to play running. These and many others are the stages in the extraordinary curriculum of the ensemble, that is famous in Italy and Europe, but also in Japan and the U.S.A. and is able to bring a breath of youth, joy and appreciation, while maintaining over time the importance of the bodily spirit, sacrifice and dedication, which are essential elements for reaching new desired goals …. in a continuing tireless journey around the world.